The Wizard of Oz the Old Hastings way

The pantomime cast
The pantomime cast

STAFF at a residential home put on their own Christmas pantomime to entertain their residents.

The performed a version of The Wizard of Oz at Old Hastings Houuse in High Street, Old Town.

Natasha Seymour, the home’s manager, said: “The residents thoroughly enjoyed it especially as the traditional wizard turned out to be Santa Claus.

“A lot of hard work had been put into the production by both staff and residents, as craft activities over the past few months had been all about the costumes and the scenery used.

“The afternoon was a huge success and I am very grateful for the extra free time that all the staff put into it.”

Audrey Longley, who directed the production and who was also the narrator, was presented with flowers to recognise all her input and hard work.