The Sheila Kaye-Smith Society

THE New Year opened with the ever popular Prose and Poetry reading day and this was followed in February with Valerie and Malcolm Tegg giving their personal and entertaining memories of the Coronation, entitled Coronation Update.

In March, the annual lunch at the Brickwall Hotel was, as usual, a feast for the senses, the eye, the ear and taste. We were delighted to see Dora and Tom Churcher after a prolonged absence and there were about 16 of us this year, so quite a few members were missing, for various reasons.

At our next meeting on April 12 we will be discussing Sheila’s book, Superstition Corner. Unusually this novel is set in the time of the Reformation and follows the lives of people living hereabouts trying to come to terms with the new laws and attitudes of the new religion which in many cases resulted in life - or death to those unwilling to change.

Not least of the pleasures of reading Sheila Kaye-Smith’s books are the puzzles she sets us in identifying place names, villages, roads, manor houses and farms. Superstition Corner is probably a fictional name, but we have placed it at a crossroad near Broad Oak and invite any reader who may have come across this name in reality to please contact us.

Incidentally we discovered that Superstition Corner was on the extra credit reading lists of some high schools and universities in the USA. On May 10, we plan to have a gentle walk in the area of Broad Oak to discover other locations in Superstition Corner, finishing with afternoon tea.

We meet once a month at Filsham Hall, at the top of Filsham Road, from 2.30pm to 4pm and visitors are always welcome. If you would like to learn more about us please ring our secretary on 01424 422139.