The Rotary Club of Hastings

THE club’s fifth Friday meeting was rescheduled to last Friday and took the form of a very well-attended Desert Island Discs evening held at the Taplin Centre.

Following the format of the famous long-running radio programme two club members were interviewed recalling amusing incidents in their life with musical links.

The records selected were incredibly diverse and included Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue, Bob Hope’s Thanks for the Memory and Debbie Reynolds’ Singing in the Rain as well as numbers by Pewee Hunt and Al Bowlly.

This contrasted with Janacek’s Glagolitic Mass, Elgar’s First Symphony and Berlioz’s Harold in Italy as well as pieces by Richard Strauss and Samuel Barber.

There was similar divergence over the choice of book with Asimov’s Foundation and Tolstoy’s War and Peace, however, the latter disclosed it would only be used keep the door closed.

They came together with the choice of luxury item opting for a case of Glenmorangie and a Gin Factory, neither showed any ambition to escape the island but with that much alcohol they would likely be quite incapable.

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