The Jive Aces to perform in the town centre

BRITAIN’S Got Talent semi-finalists The Jive Aces will be appearing in Hastings next Sunday (March 23), urging shoppers to say no to illegal drugs.

The Jive and Swing band will be performing in Wellington Place from 2pm to 3pm as part of their Say No To Drugs nationwide tour.

The Jive Aces have supported the Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Life campaign for many years, giving concerts all over the world to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and the solutions to the drug problems.

In that time they have performed at the Royal Albert Hall for the Queen and worked with Hollywood stars John Travolta and Van Morrison. Say No to Drugs, Say Yes To Life is a youth drug education and drug prevention campaign sponsored by the Church of Scientology. It educates children as young as six on the dangers of drugs, and challenges them to remain drug-free.

Lead singer Ian Clarkson said: “People look up to musicians and see them taking drugs and think that they then have to use them to be a great artist. What they don’t realise is without drugs they would be a lot happier, play a lot better and live a lot longer.”