The Bus Driver’s Prayer, a tantalising evening of words and music

THE Routemaster to your heart heads to the south coast for a special free night of entertainment in Hastings.

The Bus Driver’s Prayer is a night of music and spoken word taking place at Frank’s Front Room, in Station Road on Thursday, November 8, from 7.30pm.

It will bring together the blues of King Size Slim and the spoken word of Christopher Watson.

There will also be performances by the bus driver himself, Jamie Smart, and your bus conductor, Richard Purnell.

King Size Slim has been building a big reputation as a true blues hero, with great guitar playing and storytelling ability which hark back to the delta bluesmen of yesteryear.

Whether he did a nefarious deal at a crossroads to acquire his supreme skills we don’t know, but he is as good a bluesman as you will see anywhere today.

Christian Watson is a poet unlike any other, combining zombies, computer games and romance into one spoken word brew.

With hits such as Undead Face Chomping Killer Cannibals, Hastings native Christian has gigged at top poetry nights and festivals across the country.