Temporary night shelter set up for homeless during severe weather

Homelessness: stock photo
Homelessness: stock photo

A temporary night shelter has been set up in St Leonards due to the severe weather conditions.

Hastings Borough Council has a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) which ensures that people who are rough sleeping have access to accommodation during periods of severe weather.

As there is a risk that there may not be sufficient accommodation during the upcoming period of severe weather, the council has developed a Severe Weather Night Shelter Protocol with Christ Church, London Road, St Leonards, to use its premises as a ‘sit-up’ night shelter. A sit-up shelter does not provide beds or bedding; however, those using the shelter will be able to use their own bedding.

To access the shelter, people are asked to register at the Town Hall before 4.30pm. People can also present directly at Christ Church which is on the corner of London Road and Silchester Road, St Leonards, between 8pm and 10pm.

The Night Shelter will be open between 8pm and 8am until further notice.

Hastings Police has also facilitated a dog kennel at the Severe Weather Night Shelter.