Teen’s volunteer trek to Ugandan village

Liam with Ugandan school children
Liam with Ugandan school children

A teenager from St Leonards will be joining a 16-strong group of volunteers this summer, helping impoverished villagers in Uganda.

Liam Willis, 19, of Perth Road, is visiting Kabubbu with the Hailsham-based charity The Quicken Trust.

He and his fellow volunteers will be undertaking tasks such as building, painting, farming, teaching, playing with orphans and helping individual families in the rural village.

Liam visited Kabubbu in April last year with Parkwood Sixth Form and is one of three people returning this coming August, along with Dan Rozier and Jade Ashby.

Last year the group of 26 students and staff managed to build a kiosk, paint the walls of a maternity unit, dig plots and plant maize seeds, teach English and most importantly, visit individual families.

While volunteering, the group splits up to visit different families as part of an activity called the Development Challenge.

Each group has around 446,310 Ugandan shillings (£100) to spend on one family to improve their life and/or living conditions.

Liam said: “When we were out in April last year, my group of five visited a man called Peter.

“He lived on his own in a mud hut he built himself with a broken roof and was aged 67.

“His wives had passed on and his children lived miles away. He suffered from tuberculosis and malaria and made the equivalent of £3 a year repairing shoes.

“The £100 allowed us to pay for his roof to be fixed, along with other things such as soaps, food, water, clothes, work tools, bedding and even a teddy bear. The appreciation was heart-warming.”

The group needs to fundraise a minimum of £4,900 between now and August for the charity.

Each member of the group is paying for their trip accommodation, flights and food and the whole £4,900 goes straight to the charity.

A video has gone on YouTube featuring Phillip Schofield promoting the trip and asking for donations.

To donate to the cause, text “KABU49 AMOUNT” to 70070 in the format of “KABU49 10” to give £10.

If anyone would like anymore information, visit The Quicken Trust’s website www.quickentrust.com or altermatively email Liam.willis27@yahoo.co.uk.