Talks to mark anniversary of pier fire

A SERIES of discussions are taking place this week to mark the first anniversary of the devastating fire at Hastings pier.

The talks are on Wednesday (October 5), exactly a year on, and next Saturday (October 8) from 7pm to 10pm at the Southwater Area Community Centre, in Stainsby Street, St Leonards.

These events start by showing a 35-minute film, Burning Bridges. A discussion will then follow.

Ray Chapman, chairman of Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust (HPWRT), said: “Getting the community involved in communication with those who burn down buildings I see as a positive step and seeing the film Burning Bridges helped me see how this can be done.

“I’ll be encouraging the HPWRT trustees to attend these two events and hear the community response.”

To book a place at one of the film screenings and discussion meetings call in at the Mediation Support office at the Southwater Area Community Centre or book online at

Paul Crosland, chief executive officer of Mediation Support, which is hosting the event, said: “I expect people to turn up with a range of rumours about the fire on the pier.

“I’ve had communication on the blog about the fire that says it’s been a hard time for those who thought they were going to be prosecuted to be kept waiting so long.

“I’ve also found that one woman lost her house due to flooding the day after the fire brigade left.”