Suzi seeks soldiers for ambitous art project

Suzi Fuller hopes to enlist the military
Suzi Fuller hopes to enlist the military

AN art student is appealing for military men and women to help her with an ambitious final year project.

Suzi Fuller, 22, of Linton Road, is in the last few months of her art degree at Sussex Coast College and is putting together a piece which will explore the innermost thoughts of those who sign up in the service of their country.

Miss Fuller – who won an award last year for an interactive project based around the paintings of Winston Churchill – sees this as a natural extension of her interest in all matters military, and now she is on the hunt for soldiers to take part in her work.

She said: “I come from a military family and have a few friends who are in the army and the RAF so it is something I have been interested in for a while. I wanted to pay tribute to the great work they do.”

Miss Fuller is sending out journals to those willing to take part and asking them to record their thoughts. Some of them will write day-by-day accounts of their pre-deployment training, while others who have been out to serve in Afghanistan or Iraq will write about their experiences.

“The plan is to collect them back in a month or so and take extracts from them for the final pieces in which I hope I can draw out the soldiers’ personal experiences. I want to raise awareness of what the soldiers are going through but in a way that people can relate to. I know there are a lot of military families in town and it would be good to get as wide a variety of people as possible.”

Anyone who wants to find out more about taking part, either directly or on behalf of a family member, can call Suzi on 07920 774146 or via email on

She is very keen to hear from anyone serving in Afghanistan at the moment, and those taking part can remain anonymous if they wish.

Miss Fuller will also be documenting the project on her blog at