Supermarket hands over £1,000 to the Pier Trust

CAMPAIGNERS battling to restore Hastings Pier after the devastating fire in October received an early Christmas present from a supermarket giant.

Tesco handed over a £1,000 donation to members of Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust (HPWRT).

The trust’s chairman, Ray Chapman, Lesley David, David Francis and Peter Feist, as well as its youngest member, 10-year-old Eve Steele, met with Tesco respresentatives at the Hastings store.

Councillors Phil Scott, Emily Westley and Bruce Dowling were also on hand to show their support.

The donation came from both the Hastings store and its Bexhill branch in Ravenside Retail Park.

Mr Chapman thanked Tesco for the money.

He said: “We have been delighted by the support from local people and businesses and it all counts towards saving the pier.

“We know that the Heritage Lottery Fund will be impressed with the support from businesses like Tesco, and hope that others will take their example.”

Cat Jarvie, community champion for Tesco Extra in Churchwood Drive, said: “We were all heartbroken when we heard that our iconic pier had been destroyed, and wanted to do something to show our support.”

Hazel Lingham, her Bexhill store counterpart, said: “Hastings is known for its pier, and we are thrilled that we could help to make it safe, and hopefully one day reconstruct it for the local community to enjoy once again.”