Super entertainment from Brede Players

Robinson Crusoe – The Pantomime, Brede Village Hall, Saturday, January 12. Review by Graeme Dinning.

The Brede Players annual show was in essence a traditional panto with principal boy, Robinson, played by Nancy Worthington, doing battle with the evil pirate Captain Hand (Mike Bendell), over the lost treasure of One-eyed Willam.

The show was run on Friday night and Saturday afternoon & evening with the latter two performances played to a full house. The cast included a fabulously gruff dame in the form of Richard Grant, the sweet but frighteningly tough Polly, ably portrayed by Katherine Fry, Verity Page both directing the action and as the comic lead, Billy Crusoe and Mary Barrett as the easily confused Squire.

Man Friday (Dave Carey-Stuart) made a bid for stealing the show with his comically out of time singing, while the duet between the Captain and the Dame just had to be seen to be believed!

Musical accompaniment was in the form of the incredible Duncan Reid on keyboards and Grace Carey-Stuart on various woodwind instruments.

The show romped along in a whirlwind of humour, at times incredibly near the knuckle, but with enough family friendly laughs to keep the younger members of the audience happy.

There was plenty of audience participation, (Oh yes there was!) and the show ended with the whole cast and audience singing Rule Britannia.

A superb evening’s entertainment, and well worth the £6 ticket price.