Students take a hike to gain their bronze award

Students who went on the expedition
Students who went on the expedition

A GROUP of students from William Parker Sports College took part in an overnight, two-day hike as part of their Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze award.

The venture, which was planned and executed entirely by the participants themselves, involved 39 students and took place across the Cuckmere Valley.

They then went on to successfully complete an assessed hike over two days and one night in and around the Brighton South Downs covering around 35km.

Student Joe Perry said: “Our hike in Brighton was arguably the most antagonising of the hikes and also the most challenging. Much rested on our shoulders as we knew that it was going to be the hike we were ultimately going to be assessed on and that if anything went wrong we were going to be held responsible and probably fail.

“The second day was more challenging as the weather wasn’t as nice and due to a poor night’s sleep, we were all downbeat and drained of energy. However we did find the energy needed. All in all we walked a total of 38km over the two days and the highlight was finishing at the AMEX Stadium, home of Brighton & Hove Albion FC.”