Student is shortlisted for award

Simon Priest
Simon Priest

A FORMER Parkwood 6th Form student has had his film shortlisted for an award.

Simon Priest has just completed a BA (Hons) degree course in Digital Animation at Hertfordshire University.

His short film The Strand, was selected to be shown at the university’s Animation Film day in front of an industry audience, before being shortlisted for a Games Art award.

The Strand is a short film based around a young girl called Sable, as she ventures out to find and exact revenge on a desert dwelling creature that has injured her father, taking the claw of the creature found in her father’s arm with her.

As she finds the creature, she realises it’s a big too big for her to handle, and it corners her in a small hole.

The film was made over the course of one academic year, with a team of five students mostly from the Games Art branch of the Digital Animation course. Simon’s role was as a technical artist/technical director.

Simon attended William Parker Sports College, took A-levels at Parkwood 6th Form, including Graphic design and ICT, and progressed on to the one year Art Foundation Diploma course at Hastings College (now Sussex Coast College), all of which enabled him to gain a place on the degree course in Digital Animation at Hertfordshire University.

He recently returned to Parkwood to give a talk about his work and university experience to students studying for A-levels in Art and Graphic design.

Simon said: “Studying art and design at William Parker and Parkwood 6th Form got me interested in digital art, and gave me a lasting interest in drawing and graphic design.

“Hastings College gave me the opportunity to explore all sorts of different fields and during my foundation year there I decided I wanted to go into animation. I couldn’t have made it this far without the support and guidance I’ve had from teachers and tutors at every stage.”

Simon is now applying for positions with games and film companies. His film ‘The Strand’ can be viewed at For further information about his work, Simon can be contacted at