Student airlifted to hospital after dislocating knee

Coastguards prepare to take the patient to hospital
Coastguards prepare to take the patient to hospital

A TEENAGER had to be airlifted to hospital after dislocating her knee on a college trip.

Kira Donno, 17, was one of 102 students on a fundraising charity walk in Hastings Country Park for Help For Heroes and St Michael’s Hospice when she slipped in mud. The accident happened just after noon on Monday near Ecclesbourne Glen.

Bob Kenward, deputy station officer for Hastings Coastguard, said first year student Kira, who was on a fully supervised trip with Bexhill College, dislocated her right knee so was unable to walk.

He said: “The teenager slipped on the cliff-top path as there was up to four inches of mud. She was wearing shoes with no grip and we heard she had dislocated her right knee before in the past.”

Paramedics were called and decided they needed additional help from coastguards. But the muddy and rainy conditions hampered the rescue and it took around half an hour for coastguard staff to get to Kira.

Mr Kenward said: “We were going to carry her out to Barley Lane but the conditions were so bad it would have been too dangerous for us - as we were struggling to keep our grip in the mud carrying her on the stretcher - and her, as she could have sustained additional injuries.”

So, Bud White, station officer at Hastings Coastguard, called out the rescue helicopter from Lee-on-Solent and Kira, who was beginning to suffer from hypothermia due to the cold, was airlifted to the Conquest Hospital.

Bexhill College’s head of sports Clare Cole accompanied her to hospital.

There Kira, a keen footballer, received treatment for her dislocated knee, torn ligaments and possible fractured tibia.

College spokesman Emma Meeres said: “We had 102 students taking part and apart from this incident, the day was enjoyed by everyone and a fantastic amount was raised for their chosen charities.”