Stroke survivor’s walk for charity raises thousands

Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers

A stroke survivor, who lost most of his mobility, raised thousands of pounds for charity by undertaking a sponsored walk along the seafront.

Ken Rogers, 72, of Tenterden Rise, has so far raised £3,000 for Bechange, an organisation which supports families with employment, housing and other issues.

He walked 100 metres along the seafront on Boxing Day.

Ken fell seriously ill in July 2013, suffering a stroke, brain haemorrhage and septicaemia.

Prior to his stroke Ken worked in car sales at Hollingsworths, Birchwood Ford and St Leonards Motors.

His daughter Kathryn said: “2013 was a tough one for Dad, but he got through it, surviving a stroke, a catastrophic brain haemorrhage and septicaemia. He spent three weeks in a coma and five months in four hospitals before finally returning home.

“Dad has started to get his life back on track, with the love and support of his wife Linda and their family and friends. He has real difficulty with his mobility and his speech and suffers from extreme tiredness and seizures. But he has not given up and has made massive progress. Dad completed his challenge, did really well and had support from about 30 family and friends on the day. He has so far raised £3,000 for charity and donations are coming in. Trade Paints in the Old Town donated £250.”