Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI)

MAN has landed on the Moon, we have seen it on TV, looked at the pictures, so how can it not be true?

It’s said to be the greatest scientific achievement of the past 100 years.

But did it really happen? World authority Marcus Allen comes to Hastings and will inform us on the ‘many’ unsolved puzzling lunar anomalies that have yet to be explained.

Why is the flag moving on the surface of the Moon? Where are the stars in the background?

Why are there two shadows on the rocks, one going one way one going another, does this mean that we have ‘two’ suns in the sky! or two light sources?

Why is Neil Armstrong’s suit illuminated as he exits the lunar module when the sun is at the other side of the lunar module?

Why after the lunar module has allegedly landed on the Moon, are there no dust particles in the cupola landing pads, they are clean as a whistle?

Why did the early Hassablad cameras that the astronauts used still work after going through the Van Allen radiation belts (the film in them should have fogged)?

At the end of the day this is an emotive subject and if true, takes away one of mankind’s biggest ever achievements.

Has the world been conned into believing that we went to the Moon?

These and ‘more’ inconsistencies will be discussed on the day.

Marcus Allen is the British distributor and publisher of Nexus, a bi-monthly alternative news magazine which offers ‘news and information that is overlooked, unreported or ignored by the mainstream media’.

Marcus has appeared on several TV programmes to discuss the Apollo Moon Landing controversy: BBC – The One Show and The Clarkson Show; Channel 4 – The Big Breakfast; Channel 5; Sky News; Sci Fi and Discovery Channels; Edge Media, as well as numerous national and local radio shows in Britain, and in the USA, on Coast to Coast AM.

The next SPI meeting is tomorrow (Saturday) from 2pm to 5.30pm at the Cinque Port Pub, All Saints Street in the Old Town. Adults £3. Children under 12s, £1.50.

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