Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI)

‘ALIEN’ Photographs will be the next talk by SPI founder Malcolm Robinson.

Here he will show numerous photographs taken from around the world which claim to show ‘alien’ life forms from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Beware as some of these photos are not for the faint-hearted. These photographs come from various countries from around the world, some of which are well-known to the UFO community while some are not. Below, can be found just ‘some’ of the photographs that Malcolm will be discussing. Are they the ‘real deal’? You decide.

‘The Alien In The Attic?’ 54-year-old Barney Broom uncovered a mysterious ‘creature’ in a jar in his cottage at Gunthorpe near Norfolk in 2006. Malcolm will show the photographs and discuss the case in detail.

‘The Chile Demon?’ Here Malcolm will discuss a particular ‘creature’ photograph taken in Chile. What did the photographer capture? Malcolm also draws parallels with another famous creature ‘The Dover Demon’.

‘The Arctic Alien?’ Here Malcolm will discuss yet another alleged ‘alien creature’ photograph. The photographer was on a snowmobile ride with some friends between Sweden and Norway when he happened to stop and photograph quite an amazing creature. What is it?

Other photographs include some famous cases from the UK namely the Ilkely Moor ‘alien’ and the Solway Firth ‘Spaceman’. And of course this wouldn’t be a presentation at all it did not feature the Roswell Alien Autopsy photos.

However, Malcolm begins his presentation with a look back at some of what Hollywood thought aliens look like, and examples are given such as Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) and the creature from the Forbidden Planet (1956).

All in all, this lecture aims to show the audience how wide and diverse ‘alien creatures’ have been reported to be, and examples from what Hollywood thought aliens looked like, to alleged ‘real’ aliens, all make this new lecture something of an ‘eye-opener’ and is a visual extravaganza of ‘weirdness’.

Malcolm’s talk will be illustrated by the frequent use of power point slides, which will all combine to make his lecture visually stimulating to the audience.

He will conclude his talk by taking questions from the audience on any aspects of his talk, and other paranormal subjects in general.

All are welcome and there is no fee to get in. Tickets still on sale for the SPI Christmas Party on Saturday, December 15 at £5 each.

Malcolm’s next talk is tomorrow (Saturday) at the Cinque Port Arms, All Saints Street in the Old Town, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

For more information about SPI. Contact Malcolm Robinson, Strange Phenomena Investigations, on 07949 178835 or email