Strange Phenomena Investigations

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THE next meeting of the Hastings Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) group will be tomorrow (Saturday) where Malcolm Robinson will present a documentary entitled, The Rosslyn Frequency.

This unique film presents startling new evidence to suggest that there is a very real and breathtaking secret hidden within the structure of the now legendary Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Some say that Rosslyn Chapel is a simple place of worship, others that it holds the secrets of the Knights Templar and esoteric mystery persistently surrounds the enigmatic place.

This film reveals a new discovery by Brian Allan, a Scottish author of numerous books that has immense implications for humanity. Discover the amazing and devilish frequency uncovered by Brian as part of the secret hidden language within the chapel. Learn about the ‘keys’ said to be buried beneath the floor and which may open a gateway to another world.

Listen to the notes banned by the Catholic Church and played within the walls of Rosslyn itself with a frightening outcome. (Dare to go where no one has been since the 15th century).

The Rosslyn Frequency takes you to the very edge of darkness and reveals the hidden light. Sit back and relax and discover an ancient portal to another dimension.

The meeting will be at the Cinque Port Arms, All Saints Street, from 2pm through to 5.30pm. There is no charge for entry other than a donation box for club funds for your consideration. Look forward to seeing you there.

These meetings are designed for people with an interest in strange phenomena that wish to find out more about the strange world of the unexplained. Join like-minded individuals who share this fascination for all things weird and wonderful. Please note that the views expressed by our guest speakers or film or documentaries may not necessarily reflect those of SPI as a whole.

For more information on this and other SPI meetings for 2013 call Malcolm Robinson on 07949 178835 or email him at