Strange Phenomena Investigations

THE next meeting of the Hastings Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) group will be on Saturday, May 11 where Malcolm Robinson will show a two-hour documentary by French film-maker Pierre Beake entitled UFOs and Crop Circles.

This is a wonderful documentary which when released in Britain and France proved a great success. Film-maker Pierre Beake travelled many times to Wiltshire to film the crop circles in the wheat fields of southern England.

This documentary features interviews with more than 25 crop circle and UFO researchers. It also looks at the strange area in the south east of France called the Col de Vence where many strange UFOs have been sighted.

This DVD shows never before seen footage of UFO activity in this area. The footage is stunning and will make you question man’s place in the cosmos. Are crop circles the work of ‘aliens’ or do they have more down to Earth explanations? Well this documentary will certainly make you think.

SPI Founder Malcolm Robinson will give a short power point lecture on the history of crop circles prior to the showing of this documentary.

The meeting will be at the Cinque Port Arms, All Saints Street, in Hastings’ Old Town, from 2pm to 5.30pm.

There is no charge for entry other than a donation box for your consideration. These meetings are designed for people with an interest in strange phenomena that wish to find out more about the strange world of the unexplained.

Join like-minded individuals who share this fascination for all things weird and wonderful. Please note that the views expressed by our guest speakers or film or documentaries may not necessarily reflect those of SPI as a whole.

For more information on this and other SPI meetings for 2013 call Malcolm Robinson on 07949 178835 or email him at