Strange Phenomena Investigations

THE next meeting of the Hastings Strange Phenomena Investigations group will be on Saturday, April 13 where Malcolm Robinson will present a Discovery television documentary entitled Have Aliens Invaded Scotland?

This is a very controversial documentary which was not greeted too well by Scottish UFOlogists who felt that the Discovery TV people painted the subject in a bad light.

The documentary deals with the many UFO sightings over central Scotland back in the early 1990s through to present day. It looks at the main players who brought the subject of these UFO sightings to light, namely Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan and Malcolm Robinson.

Other prominent Scottish UFOlogists have their say namely Brian Allan and Andrew Hennesey. The programme was part of the World’s Strangest UFO Stories. The programme states that more UFOs are reported in Scotland than any other country in the world and the residents have some elaborate theories to explain it.

Some say the military are in collusion with the aliens, others claim there is a portal to an alien galaxy at the heart of the famous Falkirk Triangle. But what is the truth behind these regular encounters? Come along and see for yourself. Malcolm Robinson will give a short lecture prior to the showing of this film which deals with the UFO sightings over this so called ‘Falkirk Triangle’.

The meeting will be at the Cinque Port Arms pub in All Saints Street, 2pm through to 5.30pm in the afternoon. There is no charge for entry other than a donation box for your consideration. Look forward to seeing you there. More details on all upcoming lectures can be obtained by emailing, Malcolm Robinson at Facebook: