Stoolball practice sessions

A LADIES’ stoolball club is encouraging more people in the Rother area to get involved with the ancient sport, especially young women and girls.

Captain of the Hooe Stoolball Club, Judy Atkinson, is urging anyone who would like to try out the sport to come along to one of their practice sessions.

During the 1960s stoolball saw a revival but since then the number of teams in East Sussex has dwindled.

Stoolball dates back to at least the 15th century and was first created in Sussex by milkmaids who would use milking stools as makeshift wickets.

The game, which is played with two teams consisting of 11 players, each with one team fielding and the other batting, was recognised as a sport by the Sports Council in 2008.

Practice sessions are held most Tuesdays and Thursday and for more information about the sessions or stoolball please call Judy Atkinson on 01424 715997 or email