Still no word on Myplace bid at St-Mary-in-the-Castle

St Mary In The Castle
St Mary In The Castle

A FINAL decision on ambitious £4.25million plans to transform St Mary-in-the-Castle into a youth hub has yet to be made - despite a verdict being promised at the end of last month.

Hastings Trust needs the multi-million pound grant from the Government in order to push ahead with its revamp of the iconci seafront concert hall.

An initial verdict was reached earlier this year - with rumours suggesting the local bid had failed. Applicants then had a month to appeal that decision before the successful schemes were officially announced.

But, even though that final decision was due last month, the town remains in the dark over whether or not the plans will go ahead.

And, for the businesswoman currently keeping St Mary-in-the-Castle open, that is proving problematic.

Barbara Rogers told the Observer last week: “Promised dates for an announcement have come and gone, and still there is no decision.”

And she criticised the council for letting the issue drag on - saying the uncertainty was stopping her from making her business a success.

A council spokesman said the local authority was still waiting on the final decision but one outspoken councillor challenged a recent review which praised the way town hall staff had handled the ongoing sage.

HBC officers gave themselves a green rating as having met the target to ‘work with Hastings Trust, the current tenant or others to secure the future’ of the venue as a ‘youth, community and cultural facility.’

But Councillor Rob Cooke said it should be given a red mark for failing to meet the target.”