Step out on a Health Walk in 2018

A healthy walk through the park SUS-171213-115155001
A healthy walk through the park SUS-171213-115155001

Health Walk organisers are extending an invitation to one and all to join them in the New Year and step out on the road to a new you.

East Sussex Health Walks hold regular, free weekly Health Walk across Hastings, St Leonards and Ore.

A group of Hastings' Healthy Walkers SUS-171213-115206001

A group of Hastings' Healthy Walkers SUS-171213-115206001

Jennifer Deering Health Walks project officer says the walks are a simple and easy way to improve health. “The New Year is often a time when people think of improving their health and fitness in general,” she said.

“Once Christmas is over and the mince pies have all been eaten, it’s not unusual for thoughts to start turning towards what the New Year will bring. Amongst those thoughts might be a conviction that this will be the year that we finally make a concerted effort to improve our health and fitness. For some this will mean joining a gym, or a fitness class perhaps. But even with the best of intentions, this doesn’t always work out. By the time February comes around, we can end up feeling a bit disheartened about spending so much time and money on something, that in reality we find it quite hard to stick to.

“So why not try a Health Walk instead?

“Walking is a wonderful form of natural, low-impact exercise, which doesn’t require any special equipment or fees, but is still very effective. In just a short space of time walking can significantly improve your health, well-being and confidence. As well as helping you to gently increase your levels of activity, walking is also a great way to meet new people and explore your local area.”

Jennifer says their Health Walks are short (no longer than an hour), sociable and take place every week, adding:

“We even have a shorter thirty minute stroll every Thursday on Hastings Pier, for those who would find it difficult to walk for a full hour. Our walks are free, accessible and you don’t need to book a place in advance.

“After each walk there is the opportunity to visit a local café for a cuppa and a chance to chat.

“We are also looking for more volunteers to train as Health Walk Leaders. Leading Health Walks is fun and rewarding. No experience is required, just a friendly, supportive nature and the availability to lead at least one walk per month.”

East Sussex Health Walks are accredited with Walking for Health, the largest network of Health Walks in the country. All walks are run by fully trained volunteers and managed by the Conservation Volunteers, looking after green spaces and helping people to become healthier and happier.

For more information on Health Walks in the Hastings area, visit: or call Jenny on 07740 899559 or email: