St Leonards woman found hanging in flat

A GARDENER was found hanging in her flat by police after her mother became gravely concerned for her well-being.

Sarah Wade, 51, of Eversfield Place, St Leonards, suffered from bi-polar disorder and an inquest heard she often rang her mother in ‘great distress’.

She went to stay with her mum in Worthing for several days before returning home on June 27.

But Mrs Wade was found dead three days later.

In a statement, Peter Wade, her brother, said: “Sarah trained as a nurse and teacher but she could not hold down a job for very long because of her mental health problems.

“She was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and as long as she took her medication she would be okay for three to four years. Sarah made many threats over the years to take her own life. Around 20 years ago she cut her throat with a saw.”

He said Mrs Wade was admitted to Woodlands, the mental health unit based at the Conquest Hospital, in April, and made unsuccessful attempts to leave.

Dr Igor Gold, consultant psychiatrist at Woodlands, said Mrs Wade was ‘quite reluctant’ to take her medication while in the unit.

But it was decided on June 7 to discharge her from Woodlands, he said, as an assessment deemed her as not at risk of taking her own life.”

Gail Salisbury, a community mental health nurse, said Mrs Wade appeared to be doing well and had plans for the future.

She said: “Sarah was a very keen gardener and recognised she wanted to lead a normal life. I was due to meet her on July 1.”

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of suicide while the balance of Mrs Wade’s mind was disturbed.