St Leonards Bridge Club

Results from St Leonards Bridge Club week ending June 8, 2013.

Monday evening, N/S 1st Eddie & Kathy Williams;2nd Sergio Magri & Fergus Cameron. E/W 1st Stephen & Katie Kennedy; 2nd Richard Beauprez & Stan Goldklang.

Tuesday afternoon, N/S 1st Lesley Gould & Bruce Carrison; 2nd Edward Wallbutton & Josie Boryn. E/W 1st Carole & Kim Booth; 2nd Katie Kennedy & Jean Wolstenholme.

Wednesday afternoon, 1st Barbara Jenner & Avis Woodfine; 2nd Edward Wallbutton & Joan King.

Friday afternoon, 1st Katherine Jackson & Stan Goldklang; 2nd Stephen & Katie Kennedy.

Friday evening 1st Andy Eames & Barry Palmer; 2nd Janet Magri & Judy Walker.

For more club news visit or call 01424 436876 and leave a message. Visitors and non-members always welcome.