Speed camera calls for rat-run

RESIDENTS and councillors are calling for a speed camera to be placed in a busy road.

They say Elphinstone Road has become a rat-run, with drivers often exceeding the 30mph limit.

Ward councillor Mike Turner said there had been four accidents in the road in recent weeks.

He said: “I, Cllr Warren Davies and residents are becoming increasingly concerned about the road. In one incident I can remember a car came down the road, demolished a wall and ended up on its roof.

“It’s only a matter of time before a child gets knocked down.

“There is a Go Slow sign near the children’s play area that lights up saying it’s a 30mph area but many drivers are taking no notice of it whatsoever.

“In peak periods traffic tries to get onto The Ridge quickly and goes along Elphinstone Road and other roads, trying to compete to avoid congestion. These roads then become rat-runs.

“I am very nervous crossing Elphinstone Road, especially with my grandson.

“A speed camera in the road is desperately needed.”

In March residents and ward councillors called for more to be done to make roads along The Ridge safer before the anticipated Hastings-Bexhill Link Road is built.

Cllr Turner believes roads like Elphinstone Road will become more dangerous once the link road is built.

He and fellow councillors held a public meeting in April in which more than 30 residents living along the road voiced their concerns.

They are calling for a roundabout and pedestrian crossing to be built at the junction of Elphinstone Road and The Ridge

Phil Henty, operations manager for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: “We have been made aware by Councillor Turner of the issues in Elphinstone Road and of residents’ concerns.

“There is a procedure we follow before speed cameras can be installed at any location, and in this instance we need to investigate whether cameras would be appropriate and effective in Elphinstone Road.

“We will be looking at the road and examining data such as crash history and speed records to see if this location meets our criteria, and we will be back in touch with Councillor Turner and his colleagues with our findings when this investigation is complete.”

A public meeting is being held on Wednesday, July 3 at St Barnabas Church in Hoads Wood Road from 5pm between Cllrs Turner and Davies, county council officers, the police and newly elected county councillor Michael Wincott.