Special alarms for the hard of hearing

FIREFIGHTERS are warning locals who are hard of hearing to ensure they have the right sort of fire alarm fitted.

As part of Deaf Awareness Week, Hastings-based fire crews are encouraging people to make sure their early warning systems are suitable.

Residents who are deaf often need different types of alerts to make them aware the alarm has been activated and they need to evacuate.

And to get around that problem, people can fit homes with vibrating pads under the pillow or flashing strobe lights beside the bed.

Community Safety Manager Steve Wright told the Observer: “A specialist alarm system provides valuable time to escape from a fire, without it lives could be lost.

These alarms can save lives, alerting residents to a fire in their home, especially if an individual has taken their hearing aid out at night.”

For more information call East Sussex Fire and Rescue on 0800 1777069.