Spate of number plate thefts in town

More than a dozen number plates have been stolen by thieves in town in the last month.

Police have received a total of 16 reports of such thefts across the town from various vehicles.

PCSO Lucy Paffett said: “The thefts appear quite random and opportunist in nature. We are therefore advising vehicle owners to check that their number plates are secured with tamper proof screws to prevent them from being easily removed and to try, where possible, to park in a well lit area.

“We are also offering a limited number of tamper proof screws to give to people who have been victims of number plate theft. But they are inexpensive to buy and easy to fit should you choose to put them on your plates to protect them.

“Sometimes the stolen plates are used to commit crime such as not paying for petrol, so my advice is to report lost or stolen plates as soon as possible by calling the non emergency number 101.”