Spare an hour to help save our feather friends

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IT’S TIME to grab those binoculars, notepad and bird identity charts to take part in one of the world’s biggest wildlife surveys.

The RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch takes place tomorrow and Sunday with thousands expected to take part across the county.

Last year more than 8,000 East Sussex residents joined almost 600,000 people across the UK, spotting the birds in their garden to reveal which species are doing well and which are struggling.

And the charity is appealing for more sets of eyes than ever before to step up for nature and help record the fortunes of our garden visitors given the extreme weather conditions our wildlife has endured recently.

Last year’s Big Garden Birdwatch revealed that the House Sparrow was East Sussex’s most common bird, followed by the Blue Tit and the Starling.

Samantha Stokes, of the RSPB in the South East, said: “Our wildlife has had a pretty tough time recently 2012 was a year of extreme weather,

“With such a cold and wet breeding season, many of our garden favourites struggled to raise chicks last summer so it will be interesting to see how their numbers are faring after a relatively mild winter.” To take part, spend just one hour at any time the weekend noting the highest number of each bird species seen in their gardens or Local Park at any one time. They then have three weeks to submit their results to the RSPB, either online at or in the post.