Something Fishy makes a splash

Deputy Mayor Cllr. Nigel Sinden, Southwater Area Community Centre Chairman Paul Broadhurst, and Claire Hamill.
Deputy Mayor Cllr. Nigel Sinden, Southwater Area Community Centre Chairman Paul Broadhurst, and Claire Hamill.

The private view of the ‘Something Fishy Going On’ exhibition attracted a large crowd of people and resulted in a number of sales with proceeds donated to charity.

The event, held at Southwater Community Centre, St Leonards on Sea on Wednesday, August 23, was to launch an exhibition by local artist Nick Hill, and includes work by guest artists Susan Cleland and Georgiana de Lussy.

The exhibition was opened by Chairman of the Southwater Community Centre, Paul Broadhurst, and Hastings Deputy Mayor, Nigel Sinden, whom Nick says offered nice words of encouragement and highlighted the benefits of his shows; the proceeds of which he donates to his chosen charities. “Last year’s Alzheimer’s project was influenced by the death of my father,” he said.

“This year’s charity, MIND, was guided by my own struggles with mental health issues, of which I have suffered on and off for the past twenty-five years having been diagnosed with a uni-polar disorder.”

Nick said the private view went well. “Visitors enjoyed looking at the artwork, partaking of some nice food and wine, and being serenaded by lovely local singer/songwriter Claire Hamill and her guitar. I felt really rather privileged to have Claire on the evening singing at the opening of my solo show!”

Nick’s chosen charity is described as a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people with mental health issues who struggle to get the support they need. “Two dear old friends, Rosemary and Jean, had a lovely evening and thought me choosing the charity MIND was an excellent and valuable choice,” he said. “They have both experienced the devastating results of mental health issues through friends and family.

“Rosemary was pleased that Claire Hamill sang her favourite song Blue Moon twice! So all in all a good evening was enjoyed by everyone. I just hope I can sell a few more paintings before the end of the show.”

To date Nick says he has sold five pieces of art from the show, the proceeds of which will be donated to MIND.

“I am not sure if it will make up the £630 amount reached at last year’s charity exhibition for Alzheimer’s, but there is still plenty of time for sales and I will probably try to extend the show for another week during the Costal Currents Festival.”

The exhibition continues to September 5. Visit: