‘Sleepover’ kids appeared set to drink night away

CHILDREN as young as 12 were discovered planning to sleep out overnight on West Hill during a police crackdown on anti-social behaviour and under-age drinking.

Officers stopped the children in Hastings town centre as part of the county wide Operation Blitz.

The children were aged between 12 and 15 and most were carrying alcohol.

They told officers they planned to spend the night on West Hill and had told their parents they were sleeping over at a friend’s house.

They also informed the officers they had obtained their alcohol from asking passing adults to go into stores and buy it for them.

Anyone caught buying alcohol for a minor is committing a criminal offence and could face a £5,000 fine.

PC Debbie Heneke from Hastings Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “If your son or daughter is planning a sleepover, then please phone the other parent to ensure they are staying where they say, however many times they have been before or however well you know them. Make sure you have contact details and know the address they should be at. If you are approached by a young person and asked to buy them alcohol, say ‘No’. You could be held responsible if anything happens to them and you will be the one fined, not them.”