Silverhill Townswomen’s Guild

AT our meeting the secretary reported on the AGM in Harrogate that was attended by the patron HRH Princess Royal who thanked the ladies for debating on the difficult subject of a change in the law to allow for terminally ill, mentally competent people to have the right to assisted death which was agreed by the Guilds.

National Vice President Esther Rantzen CBE was also impressed by the debates she said that organisations were queuing to get on board with TG for help from all the ladies.

She explained that Silver Line which was for the lonely ladies would be launched in November and had funding for two years. Esther said loneliness was “Plenty of people to do something with but no one to do nothing with.” She remonstrated the cameraman for taking a side view picture of her saying it made her teeth look big. She also said she was 71 but she certainly did not look it.

The meeting continued with Edward Preston sharing his wealth of knowledge with the ladies on the Bohemia area, which several ladies commented that they had not realised some buildings’ original use. The next meeting will be at St Matthews Church Hall, 2pm on August 5.