Seventies Music And Retro Talk (SMART) Club

IT was a great afternoon at The White Rock Hotel last Friday and good to see workmen on the pier.

Among the new people this time were Conan Howard who used to play in Samisen, Allen Watts who was roadie for Titch, Wesley and loads of bands, Chris Stovold who had some brilliant old magazine to show, including the first issue of Zig Zag magazine with Sandy Denny on the cover.

Philip John had some amazing tales to tell about life on the road with Mott The Hoople and others and his books is definitely a must called You Rocked, We Rolled.

With talk about the Folk Festival taking place this May, Mick Mepham unearthed the programme from the original Hastings Folk Festival with Tom Paxton headlining. Andre Martin was talking about the success of the BBC TV programme The End Of The Pier Show which everyone enjoyed.

Andy Gunton arrived with the new music magazine The Stinger which got a positive response. Phil Gill confirmed Stallion are playing The Carlisle on April 11. Pete Prescott was there with his amazing scrapbooks and leaflets for The Beatles Day 2014 which looks set to be the biggest and best.

Other talk was about The Teenbeats playing The Carlisle and Peter Millington was talking about memories of Ore Youth Club. Other people present were Mick O’Dowd, Geoff Peckham, Tony Qunta, Ray and Anita Medhurst, Chris Sambrook, Sarah Harvey, Ann Gill, Jon McCallion and Yvonne Cleland. I apologise to anyone I missed as they were still arriving when I left.

Barry Taylor is organising a Blues Festival later in the year and anyone interested please contact him. This month new postings and chat on the website were about Savage Hearts, Jump The Gun, Spyke, Dray, John Martyn, Plum Duff, Penny Black, King Rod, Die Laughing, Gun Hill, Lysander, Roadhouse, Hollywood Killers, Hayloft Folk Club, Man, Joe’s Blooze Band, Factory, Stallion, The Rockaires, Donna Terenzi, The Rhythm Doctors, Nazareth, Elvis Costello, Shades Of Black, Whisky Mac, Samisen, Cushty, Caress, Loveless, Judas, Town Council, 10cc, Groundhogs, Felix, Jack The Lad, Tuxedos, Gong, Paul Durrant rough trip book, The Strawbs, Ugenix, Ten Years After, The Alamo, Loggerhead, Spencer Davis Group, Dion Five, Rude Knot To, Hawkwind, ELO, Stringer Jones, Farmers Lung and Taffy’s fish and chip shop.

If anyone has any group photos, cuttings etc with a connection to Hastings from the 60s onwards, we would be happy to feature them on the website. We are looking for more people to join us, we have a lively SMART chat group on Facebook through the Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason link or contact