Seaview Project receives £3,000 grant from Lloyds to help vulnerable people

AFFORDABLE hot meals for some of St Leonards’ most vulnerable people will continue to be available all year round after a charity received a large cash boost.

The Seaview Project has been awarded £3,000 by Lloyds Bank Community Fund after scooping up the East Sussex Coast’s community’s support in a public vote.

The Seaview Project, which was set up in 1985, works with rough sleepers and people who have addiction or mental health problems. It offers hot dinners and drinks at the Southwater Community Centre in Hatherley Road.

Sue Burgess, services manager, said: “The money will all go towards the running costs of our Seaview kitchen. We serve more than 7,400 affordable dinners every year for low-income individuals or families.

“It’s making a huge difference for us because if we hadn’t received the award we’d be out there fundraising, and it’s very difficult because there’s been significant cost increases across the board.

“It’ll make sure we can continue and serve our people well.

“Many don’t have families and friends, and people would find themselves out sleeping on the street for Christmas while everyone else is out there having fun.”

Now in its second year, the Lloyds Bank Community Fund is giving grants to 1,332 community groups in 333 communities throughout England and Wales.

Four good causes in each community were nominated by bank staff, with customers and the public asked to vote for the groups they would most like to support.

Sue added: “It’s fantastic to know the community value our support and to have that backing you know you are making a big impact.

“We’re not always on the fashionable end of fundraising but we are making a point that we believe in people.

“It’s really important because we are just a small independent charity, there is no one to hang on to.

“It’s a challenge and it will keep being a challenge. We are doing OK but it means we are constantly out there looking for new ways to fundraise.”

Lloyds Bank has provided funding to 1,332 community groups in England and Wales through its Community Fund in 2013. To find out more about the community groups in your area, visit