Sea cadet Reece is one of 17 to ride Light Cavalry

Reece Forde on horseback
Reece Forde on horseback

A SEA cadet represented his unit by taking part in an international show jumping contest.

Reece Forde, 15, who attends Buckswood School in Guestling, was one of 17 people from the Army, Sea Cadets and other units who competed in the 35th Honourable Artillery Company International Uniformed Services Show Jumping Competition, held in Windsor.

Four riders were chosen out of the 17 to take part in the USS Show Jumping contest later this month, but Reece, of Bexhill Road, St Leonards, was not one of them.

Nevertheless the student said he enjoyed taking part in the contest.

Reece, who is part of the TS Hastings Sea Cadet unit, said: “There were 17 of us cadets from the Army, Sea Cadets and from other schools and I ended up being shortlisted. It was fun to take part in and the name of the horse I rode was Leo.”

The teenager started horse riding when he was at junior school and did it for two years. Reece, who joined the local Sea Cadet corps when he was 10, said: “I stopped for a while but took a crash course in horse riding as soon as I found out about the competition. This was six weeks before I took part.”

Reece rode one of the horses of The Light Cavalry Honourable Artillery Company (HAC).