Scouts spruce up Winkle sculpture and plaque for club

Scouts cleaning the winkle
Scouts cleaning the winkle

MEMBERS of the 18th Hastings Scout Group set about cleaning the Winkle sculpture and the commemorative plaques on Winkle Island this week.

The whole area has been subject to an appeal with the aim of completely refurbishing the Old Town island with new paving, information boards and replacement seating.

Richard Stevens, vice-chairman of Hastings Winkle Club, said: “We are very grateful to the Scouts for their grand clean-up operation since Winkle Island needs to look its best for the grand opening which is planned to recognise its renewal.

“The club hopes this will take place in August.”

Hastings Winkle Club was formed in 1900 by fishermen who met at the Prince Albert and also at the Royal Oak. It was originally going to be called the Acorn Club, but someone walked in with a bucket full of winkles and it was decided the name would be the Winkle Club. Many notable people have joined the club. Winston Churchill was enrolled in September 1955, as well as the late Queen Mother, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.