Schools closing early due to snowfall

St Leonards C of E. 11/3/13
St Leonards C of E. 11/3/13

SCHOOLS have started to close down across the area following overnight snowfall with more expected during the afternoon rush hour.

The unusual spring weather caught many motorists out this morning as they travelled to work,

Roads in and out of Battle were particularly heavy with one motorist reporting it took almost 90 minutes to drive from St Helens Road in Hastings to Battle train station.

Some train services from Hastings to London were affected early this morning though it was unclear whether it was weather related.

By midday five schools in Hastings and St Leonards had decided to close early and send pupils home.

Dudley Infant School, Hastings, Elphinstone Community School, Hastings, New Horizons School, St Leonards,

Harold Road Hastings, both ways between A259 and Saxon Road

East Sussex - Harold Road in Hastings closed between the A259 junction and the Saxon Road junction, because of an accident involving a bus and a car.

St Leonards Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School, Torfield School, Hastings and Saxon Mount School in Hastings all closed early due to “adverse weather.”

Traffic was gridlocked in many side roads in St Leonards and Hastings.

A bus and a car were in collision at the junction of Saxon Road on the A259 around midday.

Refuse collection has been temporarily suspended in Hastings today.

Council spokeswoman Tracey Hobden, said: “Because of the snow a number of roads in Hastings are difficult to negotiate, particularly for dustcarts.

“As a result, all waste and recycling collections in Hastings are suspended today. The position will be reviewed during the day.

“However, residents are asked to put rubbish and recycling out on the normal day this week.”

Light snow continued to fall throughout the day and the forecast is for more snow throughout the day, possibly heavier during the

rush hour with sub zero temperatures.

No snow is forecast for tomorrow but temperatures are not expected to rise much above freezing.

Richard Preece, headteacher for Saxon Mount and Torfield schools, said: “The last thing I want to do is close down the school.

“But we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

“It is a headache for the children but it’s the last thing we want to do. I closed Torfield at 12.30pm and Saxon Mount at 1pm.

“The roads around the schools are not good and it is causing problems getting in and out of them.

“We had to move our cars out of the car park at Torfield back onto the main road so we could get out.

“I drove in from Seaford in the morning and it was okay, but we will have to make a decision tomorrow about whether we open.”

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