School gives science a fair go

Young scientists at Westfield School
Young scientists at Westfield School

PUPILS at a primary school in Hastings enjoyed a lesson with a difference when they took part in their first science fair.

Westfield School Science Fair conducted 44 projects which were entered from all year groups from Reception to Year Six.

The children investigated several different themes ranging from ‘What is the best habitat for a woodlouse?’ to ‘How does a volcano erupt?’.

They were inspired to carry out their projects following a visit from Professor Brainstorm, a children’s character who tours schools to inspire them with science projects.

Some of the more unusual projects were ‘How are tidal waves formed?’‘How can we change the colours of flowers?’ and ‘Can you mummify a hotdog?’

During last month’s fair, pupils were required to set up a display, present their project to the judges and then finally show how they had answered their scientific question.

The most impressive projects were awarded DIY science kits all 64 children who took part received certificates.