School closure email alerts

PARENTS are being encouraged to sign up to an email alert system to let them know about school closures.

East Sussex County Council says more than 6,000 mums and dads have already taken advantage of the service, which sees parents get an automatic alert if schools have to close because of bad weather or are distrupted by other issues, like striking teachers.

Councillor Nick Bennett said: “We introduced this system to provide schools with a simpler way of letting us and the media know if they have to close in an emergency. It automatically does that but it also puts the information on our website and can send an email alert direct to parents.”

The system was introduced after concerns were raised two years ago about the speed with which parents were told.

Cllr Bennett added: “We are very aware of the disruption a school closure can cause. What this system does is provide a way of getting information to parents as swiftly as possible so they have a bit more time to make other arrangements.”

For more information including how to sign up for closure alerts, visit