Sarah struck bronze with her jubilee find

Sarah Ingram with the medal
Sarah Ingram with the medal
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TAKING her new metal detector out for the first time, Sarah Ingram unearthed more than she bargained for.

The 31-year-old jeweller, from St Helens Road, had not been looking long when she stumbled across an interesting-looking, but heavily corroded piece of metal.

An arduous search revealed it to be a commemorative medallion celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee issued more than 100 years ago.

She said: “To test out my new detector I took it to a bit of common ground up on The Ridge.

“After finding various buried tin cans, wire, part of an iron fence and a tube of deep heat, I struck lucky on an interesting little find.

“In a hole which firstly turned up a 2p coin I ran the detector over again just in case I had missed something. I had, after a bit of digging I found an interesting bit of metal that looked like an old medal of some sort.

“I could make out the names of the Commonwealth countries and what looked to be Queen Victoria in the centre.”

Sarah, who runs Spectrum Fine Jewellery in Battle, said that her new hobby stemmed from a long-held interest in archaeology, and if she had not been a jeweller, she would have liked to have been an archaeologist. I took it home and gave it a good clean then set to work researching what it could be.

“After a lengthy search I discovered that it was in fact a commemorative medallion celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. I still think the coincidence of finding it on our queen’s Diamond Jubilee is quite astonishing!”