Sanctions on pub after noise disturbances

Wishing Tree pub
Wishing Tree pub

A PUBLICAN who admitted failing to deal with noise and disturbance has had his opening hours cut.

An application to review the premises licence of the Wishing Tree pub, in Wishing Tree Road North, St Leonards, was made by the council’s principal environmental health officer David Bell, following repeated complaints made by those living nearby.

Mr Bell stated in his application that since September 2011 there had been approximately 31 occasions when people had complained of noise, and of customers being drunk and disorderly into the early hours.

Councillors decided to grant the review of the premises licence at the meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee on Monday (September 17).

The opening hours of the premises were limited to 11am to 11.30pm Monday to Saturday, and noon to 10.30pm on Sunday, with live music banned entirely, and other conditions including use of the smoking shelter not being permitted after 10pm, and monitoring of the external areas to ensure customers do not pose a nuisance to residents.

The licensee Peter Farhall told the committee: “When we first took on the pub it had a very bad reputation for fighting, noise, swearing outside, and it proved to be true.

“I realise that we did fail badly with controlling certain elements, it is the area that the pub is in, it is a difficult area.

He added that he was taking steps to manage the problems, and said: “Since July 20 this year we have stopped all drinks going outside after 10pm, the smoking shelter is not heated, and we have asked customers to book taxis earlier.

“The outside area is now constantly monitored if there are more than 30 customers in the pub.”

The council also received letters from several local residents in support of the review application, commenting on the ongoing issues with the pub, including from neighbours Mr and Mrs O’Leary, who had kept a log of disturbances.