Rye gallery showcases fantastic local talent

Cold Skin by Cameron Evans
Cold Skin by Cameron Evans

Rye’s new gallery, creative space and concept store Ethel is celebrating up-and- coming local talent with a new group show.

The show includes work in different mediums by local, emerging artists, all at the outset of their careers, taking in photography, embroidery, fine art, collage and graphic design. Beth Greenfield explores contemporary conceptions about identity and persona in her work, examining how fashion, music and gender are key factors in determining how she sees and places herself within the ideology of wider society. She is currently studying Fine Art at the University of Brighton and her four, collaged works are strong, vibrant graphic pieces which reflect contemporary youth culture and pose questions about fragmentation, trend and identity.

Emma Georgiana Harris is currently studying at Canterbury and takes her inspiration from the natural world, presenting a series of exquisite, hand embroidered flowers alongside bright portraits of dinosaurs accessorised and feminised with flowers, harking back to a childhood fascination with all things extinct and a love of the beauty of flora and fauna.

Daisy Hosmer-Wright has just graduated from the Rye Studio school and is about to start studying

Fine Art at Falmouth. She also presents a series of hand-embroidered pieces, her unique interpretation of the signs of the zodiac, plus two giant canvases that offer glimpses into the world of solitary female figures, expressing mixed emotions of melancholy, hope and expectation.

Rye-based photographer Cameron Evans is drawn to once grand but now long abandoned buildings,

and his incredibly evocative images capture haunting and possibly haunted decaying spaces, full of dusty motes and eerie light and ranging from empty Gothic schools and boarded-up chateaux to deserted chapels and derelict asylums.

The exhibition runs until September 20.