Rotary Club of Hastings

OUR speaker on Friday was club member Jackie Armstrong giving her My Life My Job Talk.

Jackie, whose father was in the Army, attended boarding school from age 11 when she left school at 16 she moved to West Berlin with her father, where she said she had a great social life.

She explained that she originally wanted to go to drama school but taught herself shorthand typing for a possible alternative career in journalism. She left Berlin at the age of 18 following which she started a life in journalism.

However, this did not work out and she moved into book publishing, initially supplemented by various temporary jobs. When she was 24, became a senior editor for the Sports and Crafts publication and went freelance at the age of 26 editing and writing own books.

She has since been in book publishing for 40 years following through a career in educational publishing. She has written nine books for Cambridge University press specialising in the area of ancient civilisations and different religions.

She is still writing and is an active partner with her husband Peter in their framing business Imagen. The club was again pleased to welcome several visitors to its lunch-time meeting for this fascinating insight into Jackie’s life story. For further information on the club visit