Rotarians working towards eradication of Polio

Hastings' Rotarians with their Tiptree 'End Polio Now' sauce
Hastings' Rotarians with their Tiptree 'End Polio Now' sauce

MEMBERS of the Hastings Rotary Club are to bring the national campaign to eradicate polio to Hastings at the weekend.

On Saturday (February 25) Rotarians will be in Priory Meadow to raise awareness, and urge local people to come along and show their support.

In 1984 Rotary Clubs across the world came together to kick-start the campaign to eradicate polio worldwide, supported by the countries themselves, drug manufacturers and private contributors.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $355million with the proviso that Rotary matched it.

This was achieved in January of this year through a range of local fundraising initiatives including the special Wilkin Tiptree, ‘End Polio Now’ sauce.

The Rotary Club of Hastings raised the largest amount in the district with this particular campaign.

The disease has now been eradicated from every country in the world with the exception of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.