Rook-ie Jude takes local chess crown

Jude Lenier
Jude Lenier

A YOUNG chess maestro had a knight to remember recently - becoming the local champion at the tender age of 15.

Jude Lenier is now top dog at the Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club, and his colleagues have high hopes for the England international.

“This is no mean feat as he had to play against some very strong opposition,” said Bill Penfold.

“The club hopes he will follow in the footsteps of our youngest champion ever Stuart Conquest, aged 12, who went on to become a Grand Master.”

It continues a great year for Jude who recently beat a Grand Master for the first time - Russian Alexander Cherniaev - a win which bagged him a place in this year’s British Championships.

And in September he will be taking on 25 players at the same time as part of the club’s contribution to the Heritage Open Days scheme.