Reward for beloved dog’s safe return

Missing dog Lulu
Missing dog Lulu

A PENSIONER has been left distraught after her beloved dog was stolen from her car in broad daylight.

Widow Gillian MacGowan, 77, left black pug Lulu briefly while she popped into the town centre shortly after 9am on Wednesday, September 28.

When she returned to her blue VW Golf, which was parked in South Terrace, just a few minutes later, the 10-year-old pet had gone.

It has not been seen since, leaving the grandmother devastated and desperate.

The family have now put up posters across town to try to find Lulu and a reward is being offered for the dog’s safe return.

The pensioner, who lives St Helens Crescent, said: “I haven’t cried so much in a long time.

“Everything I do, Lulu used to be with me. I was only gone 12 minutes.

“We went everywhere together and she has been a great companion over these past four years. I can’t stop thinking about she how miserable she will be without me, she never left me side.

“It was her 10th birthday and I’ve had her for four years.”

Her 36-year-old son, Bede, said: “My mother had not locked the car door, being the trusting sort.

“Lulu can’t be worth that much financially, but to my mother, she means the absolute world.

“She is completely devastated by what has happened. I don’t think she has slept since and she has been in tears constantly.

“There is a reward for Lulu’s return and we would appeal for anyone who can help to please do so.”

Police have been informed. Anyone with information should ring Mrs MacGowan on 01424 713319 or Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999.