Revving up for the arrival of thousand of bikers

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THOUSANDS of bikers will descend on Hastings on May Bank Holiday Monday to take part in the 36th annual celebration of the motorbike.

Around 30,000 bikes are expected to arrive on the seafront throughout the day to take part in the event which is believed to attract more visitors than the Isle of Man TT races.

Last year 32,000 bikers thronged the seafront leaving many shops and cafes sold out of food within hours.

Event organisers have issued advice for the first time to Hastings residents and traders as to how best to enjoy and make the most of the motorcycle influx.

Howard Martin of bike1066 said: “Last year the Hastings biker event became bigger than the world famous Isle of Man TT motorcycle races and we have been working closely with Hastings Borough Council, Sussex Police and other bodies to develop a plan that will enable even more people to get behind the event and support the bikers coming into town.

“This is now one of the biggest family friendly motorcycle events in Europe and we want to make sure as many people as possible benefit from the biker influx which last year was worth about £1.8m to the local economy.

“If you are a local trader, cafe, pub or restaurant then be prepared for the massive influx of high spending customers by thinking about a few simple things. The biggest complaint from visitors last year was that shops and cafes ran out of basics, fish in fish and chip shops, bottled water etc and one cafe that ran out of sugar. They also complain about long queues and slow service.

“So make sure you carry enough stock, have quick access to extra stock if needed and rotate your staff to make sure you are fully staffed at the busiest period between 12 and 2pm.

“The giant video screen in the town centre draws tens of thousands away from the seafront so town centre businesses can also make the most of the opportunity.

“If you are local and planning to visit he event then please give careful consideration before driving your car into the town.

“Road closures due to Jack in The Green and the motorcycle influx cause traffic chaos on the seafront road so why not walk into town and watch the bikes arrive as you go?”