Revving and racing at night at Ravenside claims

A meeting with police at Ravenside left distressed neighbours feeling that nothing is being done to combat their problem with boy racers behaving anti-socially around Ravenside car park.

They claim drivers revving engines and squealing tyres are making life a misery and this happens around Glyne Gap, but also spreads to Little Common, Sidley, Galley Hill, Bexhill Road, Queensway, St Leonards and behind the White Rock Theatre in Hastings.

Neighbour Jackie Lewis was dissatisfied by the response last Wednesday evening from Sussex Police, Land Securities, and the Highways Department.

She said regular cruise meetings were held in the car park, starting from the M&S end from 6.30pm to 9pm, and these were promoted on Facebook where many pictures and films can be viewed, with drivers ‘revving engines, making exhausts backfire and throw flames, vibrating around all the houses within approximately a half mile radius with beat box music echoing intermittently’.

She said boy racers show off all evening by doing doughnuts, speeding noisily, ‘wheels spinning with no care and attention to other motorists’.

Jackie and other residents said the drivers head in convoy towards Galley Hill, Little Common roundabout, the BP junction of London Road and Wrestwood Road, Dorset Road, London Road/King Offa Way, Pebsham, Glyne Gap roundabout, Bexhill Road and Queensway in St Leonards to the back of the White Rock, and use various side roads as ‘rat runs’.

She said a result of the meeting was that police realised this was a much larger problem than they thought. Several people complained that they had reported incidents several times to police and Environmental Health and ‘the response if any, was not satisfactory’.

Sergeant Mark Evans, of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, confirmed that motorists congregate in the Ravenside car park and nearby roads and behave ‘anti-socially’.

“We are arranging a further meeting with partners including Rother District Council, East Sussex County Council, Highways Agency and site owner, Land Securities, to try to find a solution. We understand residents’ concerns and are doing what we can to try to tackle the problem.”