Retired teacher Mike aims to be a class act on TV

Mike Girardot
Mike Girardot

A retired teacher is hoping to prove a class act when he appears on a TV quiz show.

Mike Girardot, who lives in the Old Town, will appear on our screens on October 13 on the show BBC1 show called

Hosted by Nick Knowles, the 65-year-old former PE teacher will lock horns with three other players.

The four players referred to by the host as the “usual suspects”, compete. According to Wikepaedia, one contestant is chosen at random from the four to compete in the main game on stage, while the other three play against the contestant from their soundproof booth. In each of the three initial rounds of the game, the host starts by turning off the booth, so the usual suspects can neither hear, nor see anything happening on stage. The contestant is then given four true-or-false statements to answer in 45 seconds. Only the first “true” or “false” utterance is accepted for each question; “yes”, “no’, “that’s right” etc. are ignored. Once all four answers have been given, the booth is turned back on so the usual suspects can see the contestant’s answers. S/he will then ask them if they would change any answers or not.

Mike, who taught at St Paul’s Primary School, St Mary Magdalene School and Bexhill Down school, has already appeared on

He travelled to BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay Studios in Glasgow to film the show earlier this year but he can’t reveal how he fared.

“I was not nervous at all.

“It was filmed in front of a live studion audience and they are all rooting for you.

“Winning is unlikely to change my life as living in the Old Town is as close to perfection as you can get but I am sworn to secrecy.”