Restaurant targeted by burglars in early hours

BURGLARS smashed through the front door of a popular Old Town restaurant in the early hours to steal £250 from the till.

The raid at Whites Seafood and Steak Bar in George Street happened around 3.30am on Tuesday.

Owner Alex White believes the raiders used a steel bar to force open the door and get inside the building.

They then prised open the till and took a £250 cash float.

Mr White estimates he will have to pay £1,900 to repair the damage and replace the door.

He was forced to close the business down on Tuesday and cancel his bookings. He was also forced to cancel bookings on Wednesday afternoon but was hopeful of opening up again on Wednesday evening.

Mr White said: “Somebody must have known we had a float in there.

“And they must have been pretty desperate. We are hoping that the ice cream shop next door has caught whoever did it on CCTV and will be speaking to the police about it.

“I have been working here for about five years and it’s the first time anything like this had ever happened.

“It’s cost me about £5,000 overall.”